How to open MDB file?


Those files which have .mdb file extension are known as MS Access database files. You can open it by double clicking on MDB files as this is one of the easiest ways to open .mdb file on your system. But if you face any issue while opening the .mdb files then the application is not installed on your system which can open the file. The file can also be opened with the help of other database programs and by chance you are not able to open the file after that also then the below given methods will help you to do that.

Methods to open MDB file:

Some of the ways are mentioned which can help to open the MDB file. Just follow the methods as stated:

Method 1: Microsoft Excel

When you are unable to open MS Access then in such case you should take help of MS Excel which is often used to open it. Then you have to import MDB file in MS Excel and by this way the data is saved in spreadsheet and after that the MDB file is opened.

Method 2: MDB Viewer Plus

When MS Excel is not installed on your PC then with the help of MDB viewer plus, it can be opened. Generally this is a free program which can open and edit the MDB files at same time. Therefore anyone can perform this viewer as it has several options like import to, modify export from, sort, view and search MDB files.

Method 3: Notepad

Even with the help of notepad you can open the MDB file. This is because many files are text files and in this case no issue of file extension. Therefore text editor can easily display content of MDB files.

But after doing all these, if the problem is still seen then with the help of third party application the issue will be resolved. MS Access Repair Tool is professional software which can open the MDB file without any issue. It can also repair any type of corruption errors of access database and hence this is one of the perfect solutions to restore damaged MDB files. With the use of this tool, you can restore access database like queries, table’s data, primary keys, table’s structure and objects. Recover of lost MDB file is also possible with this software and very easy to use.


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