How to solve Access error 3343 “Unrecognized database format in MS Access”


While working on MS Access, have you ever faced error 3343? If yes then have you ever tried to fix such problem and not got the solution? Then here you will get the full information about how to repair the ms access error.

If you are using Access on regular basis then the above error is common to occur. Common error occur like “File does not belong to access database and it is unrecognized database format” and this error also known as 3343 error while accessing the stored data in Access database. However have you ever thought why such error comes while using access database and how to fix it? Mentioned below are some of the possible reasons of MS Access error 3343.


Such type of error comes when users try to open the Access 2010 database that is created with Access 2013. After that such error message occurs with unrecognized format. The reasons behind this are ACC2013 uses the new indexed method that is not compatible with ACC2010.


The error 3343 can occur when your database gets corrupted. Though the corruption is critical but it can be easily repaired. The file size is large and single and due to this generally users split the file size into two different files. As it is a big file and errors occur and the reasons behind can be due to broken database, system crash and network disconnection which makes the Access file corrupt.


When your Access database gets corrupt or damaged then in such case, it becomes very important to recover the corrupt data and needs to be repaired. If you have backup available then you can get the data from backup but when no backup is present then Access file has built-in repair utility known as compact and repair database. Go to inbuilt settings and click on Tools > Database Utilities > Compact and Repair database.

Still if the error does not gets solved then you need third party tool like MS Access repair tool which can very easily fix any error related to access database and the corrupt or damaged data can be recovered. It can repair indexes, tables, queries along with several other data.

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